Friday, March 21, 2014

Celebrating Spring!

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, when hours of daylight and hours of night were approximately the same. However, Thursdays aren't great days for celebrating in our house. For some reason I often end up working late on Thursdays. Add that to work and preschool the next day and it's just another hectic mid-week evening. So yesterday wasn't a great day to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Fridays, though, are good for celebrating. The weather today was quite cooperative at a sunny 65 degrees, finally. It's going to snow again on Tuesday, according to the weather report, but today I don't care. My crocuses survived the last snow and now even more crocuses are blooming in my yard from the bulbs we planted last fall. We have purple ones now alongside the yellow. I wonder why the purple ones are all blooming later? It could be random chance or perhaps there is something different in the flowers themselves. The nice thing about bulbs is that I'll have a chance to see again next year if the pattern repeats. I hope they spread, too.

After work I sat on our back porch in my swing and knit for about 30 minutes. I listened to all the different sounds of kids playing, birds chirping (about 4 different ones that I could hear, although of course I don't know what they are), traffic on the nearby road, and the wind through the pines. Then my husband and daughter arrived home and we had dinner on the porch too. Our first "picnic" of the year, as we call our outside warm weather meals, although we eat at a table. Then it started to get chilly so we went inside. My husband made toaster s'mores (the real ones will have to wait until we start using the grill) and we watched the first half of a movie before our daughter's bedtime.

The cherry trees are supposed to be in peak bloom in about three weeks, sometime around April 8-12th according to the news report. In about four weeks, on April 16th, the sun will be rising by 6:30 AM, which will make it much easier to get up in the morning for work. Hopefully by then the daffodils will be blooming as well. The tomatoes and peppers we started inside are growing larger and by mid-April we should be able to move them outside. The sunflower seeds my husband and daughter planted haven't sprouted yet, nor am I certain where they will fit in the yard, but I'm sure we will figure it out. Hooray for all things green and growing!